Open IT Online

Open IT Online Firefox/Flock Version 2.5

Open files with online apps


  • Opens lots of file types
  • All services are free
  • Often faster than opening an application


  • Speed of service depends on your connection speed

Very good

Open IT Online is a neat browser add-on that allows you to open most documents without opening a new application.

It adds an extra option to the download window, so as well as choosing to save, or open with, you can also use Open IT Online to open the document with an online application. Open IT Online uses Google Docs, Zoho and Vuzit for documents, and Pixlr, Picnik and Snipshot for images. You can define which applications you prefer.

Firefox users also get a little icon on the status bar (bottom right corner), which when clicked allows you to open any supported document from your computer online. Your file is then uploaded to the online service, and opened. Big files obviously take some time to open, dependent on your internet speed. For ease of use, it's also a good idea to be automatically signed in to the online services, such as Google Docs.

Open IT Online is really easy to use, and can save you time opening and closing applications. Of course, the online apps are usually not quite as fully featured as their software counterparts, but for normal usage, you'll have no troubles.

Open IT Online is a really useful and well integrated add-on. Time will tell if it's another nail in the coffin for PC software or not!

Open IT Online supports the following formats

Documents (*.doc, *.docx, *.rtf, *.odt, *.sxw)
Spreadsheets (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv, *.ods, *.sxc)
Presentations (*.ppt, *.pptx, *.pps, *.odp, *.sxi)
Images (*.jpg, *.gif,*.png)

Open IT Online


Open IT Online Firefox/Flock Version 2.5

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